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    About DDPO 

    Danish Defence Personnel Organisation is an agency under the Ministry of Defence and is responsible for Human Resource Management (HR) in the Danish Defence and Home Guard.

    Our headquarters are located in Ballerup. We have decentralised units in Aalborg, Antvorskov, Ballerup, Brabrand, Fredericia, Herning, Hjørring, Holmen, Hvidovre, Høvelte, Jonstrup, Karup, Nuuk, Oksbøl, Ringsted, Skalstrup and Svanemøllen.

    Read more about our tasks here.
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    Danish Defence Personnel Organisation
    Lautruphøj 8
    DK-2750 Ballerup
    Phone: +45 7281 9000
    E-mail: fps@mil.dk

    Press: +45 7281 9021

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